Questions Testers often ask

We get many questions asked from new Quality Assurance testers. I have compiled the list of top questions I hear from them:
1. What does the QA person do and where does it fit in the SDLC phase?
QA person tests a product before it can be released to production.
In a typical SDLC, here are typical steps:
1. Requirement Phase: Product Manager gets/ writes Biz Req Document
2. Analysis Phase: Tester creates test cases
3. Development Phase: Developers get use cases from BRD and write code
4. Validation Phase: Testers execute test cases and report bugs and revalidate the fixes

2. What’s a typical timeline of a Project?
Here is a hypothetical project:
Jan 1st, 2017: Project kicks off
March 1st, 2017: BRD is delivered
March 2nd onwards: You work on defining test cases
March 2nd to April end: Developers are starting to build
May 1st onwards: You can test

3. What is testing?
While there are many definitions of testing, a very simple definition that you look at the
actual result and compare it with the expected result. If both match your functionality is working, otherwise there is a bug.

4. What am I required to do in a Black box testing?
You should be able to do the following:
1. Should be able to convert use cases (BRD – Business Req Document) to test cases
2. You should know how to document and how to use Test Case repositories
3. If you have to report bugs, how and where to report bugs (Jira)
4. Automate – Use Selenium IDE to automate some use cases
5. Load testing – Load runner
6. SVN – How to check incheck out
7. Continuous Integration tool – Jenkins

5. What do you do as a White Box Tester?
In addition to the above, you will also work on
1. Looking at the code, and
2. Writing JUnit test cases


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