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5 Ways to maximize your salary at the next Job

1. Research what are you worth – Look at the job portals, industry publications and check with your friends to get an idea on what your skills and experience is worth. e.g., It is not uncommon to see Java developers … Continue reading

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Questions Testers often ask

We get many questions asked from new Quality Assurance testers. I have compiled the list of top questions I hear from them: 1. What does the QA person do and where does it fit in the SDLC phase? QA person … Continue reading

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Java Files: Important Interview Coding Questions

One of our consultants recently went for an interview at “a very big company” in San Francisco, and she was asked to write Java implementation of File System function, such as list, create file, create folder etc. We strongly recommend … Continue reading

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Top 10 Java Interview Programming Questions with Solutions

Wonder how to prepare for the interview programming questions?Here is a great way to get started. These ten questions will warm you up to get started with a successful interview. Without much further ado, here are the questions: 1. Write a method that … Continue reading

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