Business Analysis Support Activities at the Three Organization Levels

By Carl Herron, Business Analysis Expert
and Instructor

Business Analysis Support Activities at
the Three Organization Levels

Analysis skills are useful in supporting all levels in organizations.  As shown in the Organizational Hierarchy
below, we can categorize the work done in organizations into three major levels.

Organizational Hierarchy

is the division of labor among the three levels.

Senior and Executive Management set the strategic direction of the organization,
setting priorities and objectives, allocating resources, nurturing culture,
communicating values.


Middle Management ensures that there are processes that enable
Frontline Managers and Individual Contributors to execute the directives from
Senior and Executive management. 
Additionally, Middle Management identifies needs and oversees corrective
actions when the organization is not meeting the objectives set by top


Frontline Management and Individual Contributors actually perform the work tasks of the
organization.  Frontline Managers manage
the detailed work.  In today’s
information based organizations, highly skilled individual contributors like
Project Managers, Business Analysts and Technical Specialists take leadership
roles in completing major complex projects.

following Brainstorming Storming Diagram (produced with Microsoft Visio 2007) gives
examples of the types of projects Business Analysts might work on while
providing support at the different levels of an organization.

Business Analysis Support Activities at
the Three Organization Levels



that when Business Analysts work with Senior and Executive Management, they
explore strategic issues.  When BAs work
with Middle Management, they concentrate on steering the organization to meet objectives
previously communicated by upper management. 
When BAs support Frontline Management and Individual Contributors, they
implement systems, processes and changes that support organizational objectives
at a more granular level.

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  1. fikriinside says:

    i agree with you, how can Business Analysis Support Activities at the Three Organization Levels.. and in this case a big corporate need it, but how about a little corporate?? if they need a business analysis support too??

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