The Common mistakes People make in their Resume’

By Naveen Deva Nirbhaya, Placement & Recruitment Lead


Even if people spent a lots of time learning about topics, they forget to spend enough time of address some key resume’ facts. The Common mistakes I generally observe in the resumes are:



1. Under the Technical skill sets, the version worked on / experience on a particular version of skill set generally is missing. It suggests that you may not be familiar with nuances of different versions.


2. The number of years of experience on a particular version of skill set generally is missing, and hence the recruiter is unable to understand your strength in that skill set.


3. A brief project description, company’s description and the skill set used are missing.


4. Not mentioning their visa status / residential status. If you are authorized to work, you should clearly state that.


5. Not mentioning whether the experience in Product or project development.


6. Resume not in line with the area of expertise. This is a very common mistake. If you are looking for a job in J2EE, and if you just talk about databases, your resume’ may not be picked up the Hiring Manager.



About sansatechnology

Sansa Technology is an IT staffing, Consulting and Training company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you are a consultant looking for your new gig, send us your resume to us. If you are looking for training in the field of White Box Testing, Java, Java EE, Selenium, DevOps, Android and others, connect with us as well. Visit us at or email
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