How does software training help me professionally?

I was speaking to a person yesterday about his needs for training and he asked me how training is going to help him professionally. We both discussed some very good points, and as some of you also may have similar question, I thought I will make that as my topic of next blog. So here it is.

Here is how a quality professional training can help you:

1.       Getting the job you want – At work, we all almost repeat similar tasks everyday without learning new skills. Also, the skills we acquire quickly become “old” from the industry perspective. I always get people who have worked in the same fields for as long as a decade or more – They can do what they have been doing very well but unfortunately those skills are not too much in demand outside their current job. So once they decide to change jobs, voluntarily or involuntarily, they realize that they do not know the new technology. Professional training can quickly make you an expert in the new technologies and can help you getting jobs in those new fields.


2.       Expanding your knowledge horizon – A professional training delivered by industry insiders expand your knowledge horizon. You will learn the best practices, industry trends and new technologies. e.g., Social networking and related applications have received lots of momentum in recent past and many new frameworks have flooded the market. Learning these new trends will expand your knowledge horizon.


3.       Making the best use of your time – As you are very busy with your day to day life, you may not have enough time to research different books and internet sites, blogs and forums to learn new technologies. Also, it may be overwhelming a technology from scratch – to make it worse they don’t have good documentation always.  A good professional training contains these topics for you and as you learn them from someone who has done it before, can cut your learning curve. This will allow you to make best use of your time, and free up sometimes for your evening football game.


4.       Big return for small investments – A professional training costs only a fraction of what you will learn in a day or so, as a Software professional. A right training can fetch you hundreds time more in salary within a year. E.g., if a good professional training costs you $1500 and you get a job of $150,000/annum, your return over investment is 100 times.


5.       Leave Good Impression at the Work Place – As a professional you can be the one on the “bleeding edge” of technology and leave good impression at your work place. Technology is ever changing field and training can make you a Subject Matter Expert in that field.


6.        Perform your job effectively and efficiently – On average, untrained users can take up to six times longer to perform the same tasks as trained users. Training can make you very efficient and nimble to deal with the daily work items you deal with.

About sansatechnology

Sansa Technology is an IT staffing, Consulting and Training company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you are a consultant looking for your new gig, send us your resume to us. If you are looking for training in the field of White Box Testing, Java, Java EE, Selenium, DevOps, Android and others, connect with us as well. Visit us at or email
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