When will I get a job?

By Amit S.

Before the training starts, many of the trainees will ask me when I would get the job.

Historically, some of the trainees always get the job sooner than others. Some trainees get job while they are going through the training, and some may have to wait for some time. The time it takes to get you a job depends on many factors including the following:

1. Market Conditions – As we all know the Job market was slammed during the last recession. The job cutting and layoffs started coming as early as 4th quarter of 2007. However, the economy has seen some very good quarters in last six months – Dow Jones after a long time went beyond 10,000 on October 14th, 2009. These positive news have also made employers hopeful of the future and job market has improved. Job Market is bound to improve for coming days.

2. Personal Commitment – The biggest factor that may influence your probability of getting the job is your commitment. People, who put their 110% effort, always get a job, irrespective of the external market conditions. Whenever you are disappointed, you should ask yourself if you are putting your best forward. Keep learning the subject matter very well, keep getting expertise on the core technologies, and keep looking at all channels to search for jobs.

3. Training Quality – If you are switching fields or starting a new career, it is extremely important to ensure that you get the best training possible. You should follow the training content well and challenge yourself to get to the next level. The right training content not only motivates you to learn more, it also provides you the right content in the given time frame.

4.  Technology Demand – Certain technologies have more demand than the others. E.g., SAP and ERP require huge investments and are therefore are impacted by the market conditions more easily. In a bad market it will be much more difficult to get a job in these fields. On other hand, some fields have more demand, such as Java, J2EE, ASP.net, DWH, QA and BA. They have stronger demand, as majority of the products will need these skills.

Therefore, put your best forward. Choose a good training program and ensure that you are getting trained in the right technologies. US economy moves in cycles – recession is over and the demand for right candidate is increasing.



About sansatechnology

Sansa Technology is an IT staffing, Consulting and Training company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you are a consultant looking for your new gig, send us your resume to us. If you are looking for training in the field of White Box Testing, Java, Java EE, Selenium, DevOps, Android and others, connect with us as well. Visit us at www.sansatechnology.com or email contact@sansatechnology.com
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